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There are times in your life when you become so utterly absorbed in what you are doing that no part of you is left over for anything else. In these times of absorption, you are in a state of enchantment.

To be enchanted is to be totally in love with where you are and what you are doing. While in this state, you work with great efficiency.

Think back to a time when you were doing something that you love above all else. It was a time when you were your very best. You were enchanted.

In this state, it's as if you are in touch with a rhythm that far exceeds your own rhythm. Your heart beats to the rhythm of a much greater heart. Everything you do in this state is true and accurate.

Why is the state of enchantment so valuable? Its value lies in the fact that it heightens your awareness of your imagination. In this state, the application of your imagination to what you are doing physically is perfect. The physical and the imaginative blend so well as to become one and the same.

How do you induce a state of enchantment? Breath imagination into your surroundings. See the world around you as being in a highly animated state.

To live in an animated state is to see everything around you as being alive. The old becomes new and everything you touch responds in a life-like manner.

Do this to your surroundings and you become enchanted with your surroundings. It is then that you find yourself living and breathing in harmony with everything around you.

©Edward Abbott 2003-2007