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The Matrix

Each and every little thing you do in your life is a matrix that Divine Spirit flows into. A matrix? What is that?

A matrix is something that gives something else body and form. Specifically, a matrix gives body and form to Divine Spirit.

Prior to any activity, you must infuse that activity with Divine Spirit. Why? Because the point of the activity is not the activity itself. The point of the activity is to give Divine Spirit form.

If you will use your imagination to send Divine Spirit before you, your activities will have purpose. To act without Spirit is to act without purpose.

Do it this way. Prior to any activity, see that activity going well. Imagine that all obstacles to successful performance of that activity have been cleared by Divine Spirit.

Further imagine that Divine Spirit is guiding you every step of the way. Let Divine Spirit guide you and touch you.

The more you infuse your activities with spirit, the more these activities will mean to you.

Lend your activities Divine Spirit. Infuse your activities with imagination well in advance of the start of the activity. Do not stop. Continue to infuse imagination into the activity as you build to the start of the activity.

Keep going. Continue to infuse the activity with imagination as you execute the activity. Now you are using your imagination to build a wave. You will surf on this wave when you perform the activity.

Remember this! If you imagine better, you call up the help of Divine Spirit better.

©Edward Abbott 2003-2008