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The Genius Within

There's a genius within you that can find the solution to any problem that comes before you. This genius is you using your imagination.

Every problem you ever encounter in your life has a solution hidden inside of it. It takes the eye of imagination to see the solution.

Whenever you put all your attention upon what you are doing, you call up this genius. Pay attention to something long enough and strongly enough, and you stimulate your imagination to give you a very direct solution to the problem at hand.

Better yet is to love what you are doing. If you love it, you don't have to try to pay attention. You just do.

Love what you do and you enliven your imagination. Enlivened imagination and genius go together.

Each field of endeavor on Earth has people who pay attention. The people who pay attention long enough and profoundly enough rise to the top of their field.

A genius is someone who pays attention to what he is doing. More than that, a genius is someone who loves what he is doing.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004