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I Am

If you want enough energy to accomplish your goals, say I am. I am what? I am whatever I want to be. You fill in the blank.

It is by fusing ourselves with a state of being that we receive a steady stream of energy from the state of being. If you will say I am a great pianist every day of your life than you will gather to yourself enough energy to become a great pianist.

You must not only say I am but you must become what you say you are. By saying I am and truly believing it, you fuse yourself with that state. The fusion of your true self with a state of being causes you to have a chemical reaction with that state of being. The result of the chemical reaction? Tremendous energies are released.

The person who says I am a great pianist will find themselves with enough energy physically and creatively to become a great pianist. There will be no end to their imaginings of themselves as a great pianist. They will daydream of it constantly.

Saying I am can make you more of who you really are.

©Edward Abbott 2003