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Imagination and Experience

An easy way to absorb and retain information is to imagine yourself using it. Find a use in your imagination for each new thing learned, and you will never forget it.

Imagination is the next best thing to actual experience. If you will imagine yourself using the information, you will find yourself with actual work experience with that information. Imagination and experience are that closely related.

A man I know learned how to drive a car this way. He had never driven, but as he rode in the passenger seat in his friend's car, he imagined himself doing everything his friend, the driver, did.

When it came time to take the driver's test, he found he knew how to drive. He was able to pass the test easily and get his driver's license.

Imagining yourself using information takes you beyond knowledge. While knowledge is a good thing, it can only take you so far. Imagination goes beyond knowledge into the realm of experience.

There is a vast difference between knowledge and experience. With knowledge, you think. With experience, you know.

The next time you acquire a new piece of information, imagine yourself using it. You'll be glad you did.

©Edward Abbott 2003