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The Key Image

We live in a unified world. All around us, we see the products of our imaginations. The world is alive and it responds to our electric touch.

It is a unified world because the world so carefully reflects what we imagine. If we imagine much, we receive much. If we imagine more, we receive more.

A key image is essential in the use of imagination. If you will establish a key image for yourself and breath life into it, this key image will show up in your life again and again.

What is a key image? It is an image that unlocks the key to your success.

The key image can be anything that reminds you of your success. The better the reminder, the better the key image.

The key image could be something as simple as something you'd like to do for your children or for your spouse or for a loved one. Whenever the key image comes to the foreground of your imagination, you see the key image as an accomplished fact.

Perhaps the key image is an awards ceremony or a trophy or a plaque you receive for some specific accomplishment.

A key image can even be you viewing your bank balance. The balance is a specific figure that you desire to have.

View your key image often and with great passion. If you will do this, you will find success more easily.

©Edward Abbott 2003-2005