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It's OK to want to succeed--simply and sincerely. Have no regret over the fact that you are a big success. Enjoy your success humbly and sincerely.

Be sincere and you will succeed much more quickly. Let no part of yourself lag behind. When you put yourself behind a project, put yourself behind it 100 percent.

Don't take on any project that you plan to do halfway. Surrender yourself entirely to your projects. Let the project take you and your imagination over completely for the time that you spend with that project. When you drop the project to go home at night and relax, drop the project completely.

It's such a pleasure to be with a person who is with you 100 percent. Be that person. Be with people 100 percent when you are with them. When you are no longer with them, then be where you are next.

There's an element of surrender to your imagination that takes place when you are sincere. You let go and you let your destination absorb you. You are so there that you are no longer here.

Your actions will always be sincere when you are completely and totally dedicated to your destination.

However, the ultimate form of sincerity is humility. When you are humble before all, you are sincere before all.

Why? Because a humble person is a sincere person. A humble person sincerely celebrates in the successes of others.

Also, a humble person will always do his very best. Why? Because a humble person respects the circumstances he finds himself in.

He respects the job before him as being worthy of himself and he respects the people he works with.

So to be sincere in your efforts and your thoughts, be humble.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2005