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Primal Imagination

Primal imagination is imagination that is so old that it goes back to the day you were born. It is the imaginative images that you were born with. All other imagination is acquired imagination. Acquired imagination has been acquired in this life.

It doesn't really matter whether it is primal imagination or acquired imagination--one is not superior to the other--it is all imagination.

Why distinguish the two? Primal imagination is the source of your deep and long-held desires. If you've wanted something your entire life, you are probably responding to primal imagination--imagination that predates your birth in this life.

A desire that you were born with is a primal desire; an image that you were born with is a primal image. The two go together--primal desires and primal images.

Primal desires derive from long-held primal images.

Don't worry about where the primal image comes from. Just know that it's been with you for a very long time. Also know that you can change it.

Have you ever met someone who always knew what they wanted to be? Carpenter, writer, actor, or whatever? A primal image that that person has no conscious memory of is likely responsible for the strength of their desire.

If that person will persists in this primal image of who they'd like to be from childhood on, they are very likely to fulfill that desire.

Of what use is primal imagination to you? If you will imagine something long enough and strong enough, it will become so strong that it will become a part of your primal imagery. You will become a new person.

You can use this principle to recreate yourself. You can use the principal of strong, steady imagination to make yourself, say, for example, a musician--a person who was born to play a musical instrument.

If you were not born to be a musician, you can make yourself that way. Strong, steady imagination is the key.

Here's how to make something you imagine so much a part of you that you become it:

  1. Choose what you'd like to become.

  2. Choose an small event that is incidental to that becoming. Make it a an inconspicuous event that is never-the-less crucial to that becoming. Your chosen event is a landmark along your way to that becoming--a milestone on the journey that you can easily remember.

    Make it easy to remember. That's important.

  3. Imagine that event over and over again with deep feeling until it comes to pass.

If you will follow the above formula, you will discover the secret of turning acquired imagination into primal imagination. You will then be able to take anything basic to your desire and make it a reality. This is the secret to developing your talents.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004