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Survival is easy once you get the knack. How do you survive? Easy. You pay attention to the details that are necessary to survival.

Discover these small little survival details and chance will greatly favor you. Upon discovery, place these details foremost in your imaginative eye and put your attention on these details endlessly. Do this until the crises has passed.

You will find it easy to know what to pay attention to in order to survive--the situation will demand it. If you are lost in the wilderness and are without food and shelter, you pay attention to the details of obtaining food and shelter. Do this endlessly until you have food and shelter.

It's simple common sense. You get what you pay attention to.

Fear is removed from the situation by the same method. Pay so much attention to taking care of business that you don't have time for fear. Fear goes by the wayside when your absorption into the fascinating details of survival is total.

What time is there to fear? None. You find yourself so absorbed in the moment-to-moment survival situation that fear is driven completely out. Fear dies from a lack of attention. You don't have time to fear.

It's the details that are the key to your success. Choose well the details you pay attention to and stick with them. Survival imagination is detailed imagination.

Once you start imagining the details, another level of imagination kicks in. Without necessarily realizing it, you start believing that you will survive. You don't have to fake your belief in a favorable future. It's automatic. A focus on survival details makes you start believing in yourself again.

Of course, you're right to believe in the future. Because you're sticking by the details of survival in your imagination, you will survive magnificently.

Pay attention to the little absorbing details until you find yourself moving from a state of survival to a state of thrival. You'll recognize the thrival state. In it, you are free--free to pay attention to things that contribute to your survival in a less direct way. Victory is at hand and you are now ready to thrive in abundance.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004