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The Relaxed Heart

The relaxed heart is the heart that is full of love for all life. When you love, your heart relaxes and you enjoy yourself and everything around you better.

What causes the heart to relax? Your heart and feelings become relaxed when you give credit where credit is due--to Divine Spirit.

You relax even more when you decide to give back to that which has given so much to you. Give back to Divine Spirit and the gift keeps on coming.

Divine Spirit carries all your burdens in this life. Let it. Let it carry you and uplift you. When you imagine that Divine Spirit is carrying the load, Divine Spirit is carrying the load.

Make your life simple. Do not think that it is you that is doing the doing. Know in your heart of hearts that it is Divine Spirit that does all doing through you. You are merely the vehicle for all the doing that gets done.

If it were you doing the doing, life might crush you. The burden might become so great that you could find yourself squashed like a bug on freshly rolled pavement.

However, because you are not doing the doing, you can relax totally. Something much greater than you is doing the doing and you are just following directions. See this clearly in your imagination for it is so. Acknowledge it and it is so.

Divine Spirit guides your every step. Imagine yourself walking down a road and Divine Spirit is taking every step with you. You feel it flow into you each time you step forward yet one more time.

Now go out into life and step forward in the same way. Let Divine Spirit take every step through you. It will.

Now you can go out into life and live a life of excitement and adventure. You are doing what you can and Divine Spirit takes care of the rest.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004