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Belief is a funny thing. It really is. The more a thing is repeated, the more people believe it.

Surprisingly, it doesn't matter if it is true or not. At least, not much. It's really the repetition that counts. Repetition creates belief, and repetition accompanied by feeling creates strong belief.

You can use this principle of repetition turning to belief to create your own world.

Start out by choosing an event you would like to create. Would you like to be happily married eating a meal with your loved one? Then choose to be happily married eating a meal with your love.

Start imagining this as a possibility. There's no need to force belief. Belief comes in its own time in its own way.

Now play this possibility out over and over again in your thinking. Imagine it from all possible angles. On one occasion you might be eating one thing. On another occasion, you might be talking about another thing. Just keep playing the scenario of sharing a meal with your love.

At first, it's a possibility. But for you, it will harden into fact as you play out this scenario with feeling. But add feeling slowly. Let it build.

There's no need to manufacture feeling. Just add it gradually over time as it feels natural to do so. Every idle moment you get a chance, play this scenario again and again.

If you can't feel, then repeat. Repeat the scenario over and over again. The repetition is good. It paves the way for feeling.

Without the addition of force, you will find it natural to play this scenario with more joy and more feeling each time. Do it the way children do. At first the scenario is make-believe. But as you become absorbed in the scenario and the feeling generated by the scenario, you find yourself more and more lost in the feeling therein.

The feeling therein. That's the key. The scenario has a feeling built into it. Your job is not to manufacture that feeling, but to allow yourself to rediscover it on each replay. You will.

As you replay this scenario, your feeling for it will deepen. As your feeling for the scenario deepens, this scenario will come rushing towards you. Someday, it will show up in your life.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004