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Fresh Inspiration

Sometimes a person who has just gone through hard times is more inspired after the crises than before the crises.

Why is that? Why are people who've had a hard time often so inspired? It's because they appreciate the gift of life. They know that they can take nothing for granted and that it could all be taken away from them in an instant. Life is a gift.

That's the key to maintaining your inspiration. Just remember, it was never yours to begin with; it's always been on loan from God. This loan could be recalled in an instant.

Release the load and the burden of owning things. Never take your ownership or possession of anything for granted. When you do release your ownership, you become highly inspired.

Release things and give things away so that these things become useful to other people. What you've released, what you've given away, you've given to God.

Once something is released to God, that thing will be made use of by God. You'll see.

When you do this, you go forward with a drive to succeed that is unbelievable! The people around you who will find this hard to understand but will be inspired by it.

Releasing things in your imagination is the key!

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004