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There are people who know how to do several things at once. These people get a tremendous amount of work done.

How is it done? How do you multitask successfully?

Maybe it just looks like the person is doing several things at once. Perhaps the person is actually doing only one task at a time, but with total concentration.

When the person switches tasks, the switch is total. That's the key.

When you switch tasks, make sure to take your attitude and attention with you.

The key is to let go completely--to let go and relax. Relaxation is the key to multi-tasking. Release the last task completed totally.

Release it totally and do not let it carry forward into the next task.

If you do not let go, the last task completed will steal energy from the task before you. To successfully multitask, you must not let this happen.

That's it! That's multitasking! In your imagination, you are so complete in letting go of the last task that occupied your imaginative eye that that task no longer exists. Only the task at hand exists.

Take your one present task to peak activity and when that activity starts to fall off, switch tasks. Switch tasks to get more work done in less time.

Do this as many times as necessary to get through the day.

How will you do this? By letting go and trusting. Trust completely.

Put your trust in the idea that Divine Spirit is taking care of you and your project. Trust that you will have the right ideas when you need them. Trust that all you need is at hand and right at your fingertips.

Trust. Multitasking. They go together.

©Edward Abbott 2002-2004